Eco Living – Why Bamboo?

Posted on May 15, 2015


Beautiful and versatile, bamboo is harvested from an environmentally sustainable and low maintenance crop.  While technically a grass, bamboo combines the strength of steel with the clean finish of high quality timber.

For 33 years, Logan Leigh has supplied Australia’s building and joinery business with quality products and materials, and is currently Australia’s leading supplier of bamboo products.   Logan Leigh is now expanding on its successful range of bamboo bench tops, and exploring the durability and versatility of bamboo with a new range of staircases, structural beams and bath tubs, to be launched later in 2015.


Eco-friendly and versatile

Bamboo requires minimal water for healthy growth, and it is resistant to bacteria, fungus, rot and termites so it does not need to be sprayed. The unique rhizome root system continually sprouts new growth and shoots, so there is no risk of soil erosion and replanting is unnecessary.  Bamboo forests are far more efficient at absorbing carbon dioxide and producing oxygen than the same area of trees.

Logan Leigh is proud to support the environmental sustainability of the bamboo industry by providing Australian customers with a range of beautiful and eco-friendly products that will add a natural elegance to your home.

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