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We have high standards when it comes to our kitchen doors, drawer fronts and panels. They’re made on-site using satin MDF – a high quality wood product designed to be resilient and durable. We then meticulously sand every item by hand, before and after priming, then finish with a perfect hand painted top coat. This ensures consistency and quality across your whole kitchen.

Here’s what you need to know about our painted doors, drawer fronts and panels:

Why choose us:

  • Our doors, panels and drawer fronts are custom made on-site to any size.
  • We use only the highest quality board, ensuring our products are durable and not flimsy.
  • Painted doors won’t peel like laminate
  • We have a variety of designs and profiles to suit your home.

About our doors, drawer fronts and panels:

  • Our products are made on satin MDF
  • Doors, drawers and panels are painted with a high-quality, two-pack paint finish.
  • Our products are custom made to your exact size requirements.


  • Our standard colour is Evic white
  • We can also match any sample paint colour.
  • Finish options include matt, gloss, satin and texture.


  • To order, you’ll need to decide which door style you’d like, and also choose an edge profile.
  • We have a large variety of styles and edge profiles – see below for some examples.
  • You’re also welcome to visit our showroom where you can view more door options.
Series 3 Oxley Laminex White Gloss

Series 4 Oxley Laminex White Gloss

Series 4 Commerce 3mm White Texture

Series 4 Commerce 3mm White Texture

Series 4 Coolabah 3mm White Texture

Series 3 Edinburgh Arris Polytec Classic White Satin

How to order:

  • We’ll need exact measurements to contact us and we can step you through the process, and send you a quote form to complete.
  • Alternatively, talk to our kitchen company – they can work with us directly.

Fun fact: Our door style are named after local streets in the Manning Valley area of NSW.