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From July 2023, Logan Leigh have added solid surface acrylic benchtops to our extensive range of products. We purchased CSS Fabrication, a local Taree business who have specialised in solid surface tops for many years, and successfully incorporated it into our existing Logan Leigh production.

Solid surface acrylic products have been in use for well over 30 years, offering a high end finish in commercial and residential settings.

What is solid surface acrylic?

  • Made of approximately one third acrylic resin (PMMA) and two thirds natural minerals. A bauxite derivative, aluminium trihydrate (ATH), is the most common mineral.  Solid Surface Acrylic is non-toxic, Certified NSF51 food safe and free from Silica and Quartz.

Benefits of solid surface acrylic:

  • Seamless joins which therefore offer a major difference to manufactured stone  benchtops.
  • Non porous – resists stains and bacteria and is very easy to clean.
  • Durability – hard, impact resistant and requires very little maintenance, as any scratches can be easily sanded and buffed out, which is another advantage compared to manufactured stone.
  • Health – clearly solid surface acrylic manufacturing is much safer for the production workers than manufactured stone. As we are now aware, there are significant health risks associated with the silica and quartz used in production of manufactured stone. There is no silica or quartz in solid surface acrylic benchtops.
  • Solid surface acrylic products are malleable and mouldable, meaning tops can be shaped into any creative shape required, such as curves and waves, which allows almost unlimited design potential. This is yet another advantage compared to manufactured stone.
  • Solid surface acrylic tops can include an integrated sink made of the same material which provides a modern, seamless join from bench to sink
  • Solid surface acrylic offers the attractive option of splash backs as well as benchtops, without any silicone join where they meet and can be coved at the join for ease of cleaning.

Uses of solid surface acrylic products:

  • Kitchens, including benchtops, splash backs, sinks…
  • Bathrooms, including vanities, basins, bathtubs, waterproof walls instead of tiles…
  • Commercial settings, including hospital, dental, medical, and other offices reception counters, staff stations, commercial kitchens, bathrooms, office desks, feature walls…