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Timber Benchops
Timber Benchops
Timber Benchops
Timber Benchops
Timber Benchops

Logan Leigh Benchtops feature in some of Australia’s most famous buildings.

For 25 years we have distributed across NSW, QLD and VIC, with over 14,000 custom timber bench tops to residential homes and commercial offices, wineries, hotels, pubs and restaurants. These include custom timber bench tops in the Sydney Opera House, The Packer’s Polo Stud, Hunter Valley and the Sydney Dance Company, to name just a few of the prestige bench tops created.

Logan Leigh Benchtops successful track record over 30 years in the fabrication and polishing of quality hardwood bench tops makes us a credible and reliable supplier.

Logan Leigh Benchtops offer a unique custom timber bench top service

Timber BenchtopsDo you have a great piece of timber you would love to use as a Bench top?

Or do you have a dream of the perfect bench top in the timber of your choice?

Logan Leigh Benchtops can use a slab of timber supplied by you to create your perfect kitchen, bathroom, bar or commercial bench top.

Depending on what you are after, Logan Leigh may be able to supply timber of your choice or mixed recycled hardwood to make glulam tops.

Logan Leigh Benchtops will sand, cut to size and finish the timber tops ready to be installed by your installer.

Timber bench tops can be created by Logan Leigh with the following choices:

  • Sanding, fabricating & polishing to your bench top plans (ie correct lengths &/or sink or stove-top cut outs).
  • Or fabricated not polished.
  • Or Stained – to your preferred colour.

Timber Kitchen, Bathroom and Bar Area bench tops are made to measure sizes – and can be fabricated to any shape. They are available as:

  • Bare sanded slabs
  • Fabricated not polished or
  • Polished

All finished products have 3-4 coats of Evic two pack polyurethane, available in 15% gloss or 30% gloss.